Using applications for Android phones we collected data from users of these Apps. We make this data available to enable further analysis and to reproduce our results.

Hit It! – Touch events on mobile phones

To investigate how smartphone users touch on their phones’ display we developed
Hit It! a game for the Android platform. Players’ task is to just tap on appearing circles. The game is freely available for Android phones and has been installed more than 250,000 times. We provide the data and a description of the data format.

4 thoughts on “Data

  1. Lynette Minor

    I’m curious. This seems like something my old psych professor would come up with…. ; 0)

  2. aida

    So eager to know anythingi felt interesting. Im so happy to be part of that game, hoping i can be a good player ha,ha,ha.

  3. aida

    Mwhaaaa! My god i think i need to learn more about this game i can’t imagine how to be somebody with this game.

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