Conversation about Conversational Agents

Dr. Dingler and Dr. Henze discuss the fundamental challenges, trends and opportunities of conversational agents. A number of these agents, including Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant, and Siri, currently manifest in a wide range of devices and form factors such as smart speakers and mobile apps.

Conversation about Wearable Computing

Dr. Stefan Schneegass discusses wearable computing together with Dr. Dingler and Dr. Henze. They discuss that wearable computing is not limited to smartwatches and smart glass. They argue about the fundamental challenges for human-computer interaction, the opportunities and why insertables might be the future.

Conversation about IoT, the Future of Interaction and Research in Industry

Dr. Florian Michahelles from Siemens in Berkeley discusses about the Internet of Things, the future of interactive systems, and research in industry with Dr. Dingler and Dr. Henze.