Hit the Rabbit!

Fight the dreadful rabbits and crush them with your holy thumb. The shooting season begins with my first game in the Android Market. Your job is to hit as many rabbits as possible. Pan the background around to find some of these evil creatures and hit them with a lusty touch. You can show your skills in different levels that force to hurry up. The time trial mode adds even more variety and you can fight against the clock.

You can download the latest version from the Android Market and don’t forget to give me some proper rating if you like it. Please leave a comment if you have critics or recommendations. In particular, if you have ideas to improve the game. It’s my first game (ever) so please be gentle with me. You find the game in the Market. You can also have a look at the description and screen shots.

5 thoughts on “ Hit the Rabbit!

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  2. Alisa M of StorageShed

    Hahaha… The idea of depicting rabbits as evil creatures is quite funny. This games is a bit exciting at first but becomes draggy as time passes by. You can improve the game by adding more obstacles with certain goals to reach in certain level. In such manner, this game will be more exciting as you complete a level, though I don’t really love to hit rabbits. I love rabbits 😀

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