Statistics from inside the Android Market

Some thousand users installed the application I published in the Android market. I was curious about where the guys come from and which devices they actually use. Thus, I integrated some logging in two of my apps. Hit the Rabbit is a simple game where the player should hit as many rabbits as possible with his finger. In order to find the rabbits one must pan the background around to find the evil creatures. The other one is the Map Explorer a simple location based application (localized to English and German) that allows to search for POIs and retrieve some basic information about them (using either Qype or Yahoo local).

Probably the most interesting thing I learned from the statistics is that the vast majority of users are from America and uses an English localisation. Even having a German version doesn’t make a big difference.

Another interesting aspect is the large number of devices people use. In total I collected data from more than 35 different devices. There are some devices that I never heard of (“zeppelin”???). Surprising for me is that the Nexus One (codename “passion”) seems to be quite unpopular.

The last thing wasn’t really surprising. Most users still use Android 1.5. Almost no one uses Android 2.0 (or 2.01) and 1.6 will probably die out soon as well.

I uploaded the compiled statistics for both applications. The time span for collecting the data was around one month mostly collected in April 2010. The statistics are limited because of the number of installation (approximately only 4.000 installations) and because only one of the application has been localized (and it has only been localized to a single language – German).

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