Hit It! – a fast-paced Android game

Hit It! is a game for the Android platform that is all about speed and quick fingers. You have to touch and move as fast as you can to see if you can beat all levels. The player’s task is to simply touch each appearing circle as fast as possible. The faster they are the more points they get. Players might improve their dexterity by trying to be the fastest guy in the high score.

This game is part of our research about the touch performance on mobile devices and also part of my work as a PhD student. While users play the game we measure where they hit the screen and how fast they are. By combining this information with the position and size of the circles we can estimate how easy each screen position is to touch. Based on this data we are hopefully able to predict user’s performance with different button sizes and positions. We plan to derive an according model and this model could possibly be used to improve the user interface of current smartphones.

We hope that we can collect data from thousands of players. That would enable us to derive information that is valid not only for a small number of people but for every user. We are, however, not interested in you contact list, browsing history, or phone number. Okay – if you are good looking I might be interested in your phone number but I don’t want to collect such data automatically ;). In general we don’t want or need data that enables identifying individuals. Thus, we do not collect those things or other personal information.

Hit It! is available for Android 1.6 and above. You can have a look at users’ comments and the game’s description on AppBrain or install it directly on your Android phone from the Market.

56 thoughts on “Hit It! – a fast-paced Android game

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  2. taz

    Hi there, this is really cool!! Do you know of anymore similar games like this? I am proud to be part of your research!!! X

  3. Elli

    Hey! I really like this game but thema only thing i don`t like ist thema music! Where can i turn it off?

  4. jess

    Hi I hav played your game and I love it except for when you don’t get a high score I hope I don’t offend you but anybody could play this game even children

  5. Niamuffin

    I play your game pretty much all the time, and I have grown to be pretty good at it. Level 4 Fire is impossoble. No matter how fast I touch the circles it is always too slow and the circles start to shake. It’s annoying because that is the last level and it seems impossible to defeat.

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  7. sophie l s

    This is actually a good game! I also think thats doing research this way is quite clever. So well done! By the way i really like the tune it plays when you are at the main screen 🙂 xxx

  8. anj

    This game is addictive. My children and I are huge fans. A simple game that i’m sure anybody can do . My baby son loves the music on the title screen, is there any way I could save it on my xperia so I can use it to soothe him without it going off.

  9. Danielle

    I really like the game my names Danielle William I’m from pa Yu can get at me on face book thanks 4 thls ffun game

  10. sy

    An addictive game that has markedly increased my manual dexterity.

    Pretty awesome, and a novel idea!

  11. jay

    So just a question y dose it get rid of your currtent progreds wjen it gives ya ahigh score and if you don’t get a high score you loose might wanna fix that thanks 🙂

  12. Carolyn

    I love this game, so addictive. Thanx for this and looking foward for new things from you. Great job

  13. Andrew Masters

    I really think this is a clever fun way for me to waste my time, i was involved in a car crash and have some problems using my fingers on my right hand. I have been told to keep using my hand to improve its movement. I have found no better way than Hit it! Thank you for this app, I love it.

  14. bruceybabyable

    Hi its actually a very good intelligently made game can get close to the top
    scores but then it becomes quite difficult well done 🙂
    From Australia

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  16. yvette

    I love dee game ! Love the water background and stars makes it a little more confusing! GOOD JOb!

  17. Manish

    I appreciate this novel approach. Win-win situation. All the best for your research. If possible please share a bit about yourself and where you are pursuing your PhD directly at my email.

  18. michele

    My only problem is when you don’t get a high score it says damn … this is bad especially when my 10 yo niece & 9 yo nephew were playing. I don’t use those words & it shocked us.

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  20. lynda meng

    Am I reading you right by having this app on my phone that you have all access to the contents of my phone such as contacts etc.? Not that I have anything to hide and not worth a rat’s ass to care. Yet it does didterb me how we all my be turning over our souls and not even knowing it. Beyond that it is a cute and profitable app now that I am reaching those “slow down years” Also I wish you the best in your education and this endeavor. Please reply to my concern. Good day.

  21. Niels

    @lynda no the game does not have access to all content on your phone! When you install an app from the Market you see a list of permissions the app requests. My games only ask for permission to access the Internet. Thus, they CAN’T access your contacts, SMS, mail, … but be careful other apps might ask for similar permissions.

    You should only install apps that ask for reasonable permissions. An email app might require accessing your contacts but a game that asks for the same permission might be malicious.

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